Videos of Christian’s Appearance on the Rachael Ray Show

Videos of Christian Slater’s appearance on The Rachael Ray Show are available online. They can’t be embedded, so here are the links:

Christian talks about Breaking In:

Backstage Pass: Christian Slater:

Flashback: Christian’s 2009 appearance on the show:


  1. Carie Grant says:

    Leave a comment?.. Um, I missed seeing you.. Him.. Who didnt crush on him after heathers, broken arrow…etc..Basically,I Just finished watching Mindhunters, and was very excited to see Mr Christian in it! I miss him in movies! So, I find myself on google looking him up, and now I find this website to keep me up to date now! Glad to see upcoming box office movies! And recent pics too;) since he’s such a lil cutie…(ok embarrassed myself enuff with the comment so far).. Anyway yall have a good night and keep watching him….carry on Christian!