Happy Birthday, Christian!

Today is Christian Slater’s birthday! We hope the next year is filled with greatness for him. Leave a comment below with your birthday wishes for Christian.


  1. Christian, it is always such a joy to see you, be it on the big screen, the small screen or even in my Twitter feed! ;) I hope you are enjoying a fabulous birthday and I wish you all the very best of everything and success by every measure in the year ahead. Much love and gratitude, Claire :-)

    • I’m not really replying to your message I’m just saying Christian, do you remember the 70s show when you played a little on it bit part on it? I remember that. I was there too on that set. I hate it when they would bring me places like that and celebrities would show up that I may have met in the past. acid toting pistol freaks, and brite lites flashing.

  2. Aye Naing says:

    Happy birthday, Christian! Best wishes to you.

  3. muy feliz cumpleaños¡¡¡saludos desde olavarria argentina¡¡¡

  4. Krista Green says:

    Happy Birthday Christian!I hope you have a fantastic one!

  5. Happy Birthday, Christian!
    Greetings from Shanghai :-D
    Thank you for creating so many incredible,stunning and gorgeous characters to make audience screaming,crying,shivering,laughing! Here is the top 10 of my favorite characters http://bluejudie.tumblr.com/ Do you agree with me :-P
    Best wishes to you again!

  6. tracy cranney says:


  7. Baba Jennie says:

    Happy Birthday Christain! Wishing you all the very best in your new year, and hope you receive many terrific presents. Have a great one!

  8. Julie Guseva says:

    Just Happy Birthday, Christian! Only Best Wishes to You! Good Luck!

  9. Hope you’re having an awesome birthday weekend with friends & family. Also, remember to thank & be grateful to your Mother for having you, because a lot of us fans are sure thankful & grateful to her!! ;P

  10. I have been following your career since I was 9 years old. The first movie that I saw you in was Heathers and I literally stopped dead in my tracks when you came on the screen with your unmistakable raspy voice. Well anyways I am now 32 and I still stop dead in my tracks whenever I see you on screen :)
    I hope you have a great birthday!

    • I’m with ya girl, I’m also 32 and used to have CS posters on my wall! Lol. Christian you ARE the sexiest man on Earth, then and now. Seriously.

  11. Hope your birthday was filled with laughter, love, and joy. Happy Birthday!

  12. kfrog2779@hotmail.com says:

    Have a great Bday! -Lisa :) Btw…. Your a very sexy man, and the fact that your learning how to cook .. Thats just hot!

  13. Anna FIsher says:

    Happy Bday to you . I have nice day . And enjoy the day.

  14. happy birthday and have a nice day greetings

  15. will kearns says:


  16. rose mendoza says:

    Happy birthday (I highly agree) to the sexiest man alive! I have been watching your career over the years and the more you aged, the better, I mean it from the bottom of my heart!

  17. Much love to my all time favourite actor, Christian Slater! Hope you had an awesome day yesterday, chief. Keep making fantastic films. Never get tired of watching you in your prime! I still remember the day that I first watched CUFFS! Happy Birthday brother! Love from Canada!

  18. Cara Marchand says:

    OMG happy birthday CHRISTIAN SLATER!

    Hope u stick around for more years! I need u in my life :DDDD <3 <3 <3

  19. Jaye Deen Navo says:

    Wishing you a very pleasant birthday. Saw you in “Kuffs” and been hooked ever been. You were wonderful in “Broken Arrow” & I was sad to see how ‘Breaking In’ was ruined by added new people. You can carry a show….you just have to find the right show. I look forward to your next performance. Oz really suited you.

  20. Patty Martinez says:

    Hope you had an awesome birthday!!!

  21. Dear Christian
    I hope this note finds you.
    On behalf of our dear friend Trina, We would like to extend our sincere apologies for the flash mob you received Tuesday night, Trina is very hurt by the behavior of some of her neighbors actions and sends her sincere apology. She so hoped to see you Friday and wish you a Happy Birthday for she had a Birthday cake & card for you, Please do not let the actions of some keep you from visting the store again,
    The Wilderness Kids of Maine.

  22. You’re just getting better with age, my friend. Upward and onward, VVP!, cheers.

  23. Geraldine Lemming says:

    G’day Christian, hope your birthday on Saturday was filled with plenty of love and happiness. You sure deserve it. Been a fan for a long time. Wanted so much to see ‘Breaking In’ but will have to wait. You are the BEST!!!!!

  24. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be
    waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

  25. Pamela vance says:

    Could you please give Christian my best wishes for his birthday. Thank you so much! xoxo

  26. Christian,
    Happy Belated Birthdy. You may remember me. I’m the girl on the wrong side of the freakin coin!!
    I still remember good times with you. If you ever want to give me a helping hand I’m there.

    5627 durant drive port orange, florida 32127; they are on me like flies on shit.

    my son’s name is christian. he really needs help too. i need to get him out of albany, new york

    vile people everywhere. you remember right? thieves theives tramps and theives.

  27. Sorry I missed your birthday but wishing you continued success. I appreciate your work.

  28. Anna Lynch says:

    Christian Slater, I think you are an amazing actor and I have been watching your movies a lot lately. Also you are the sexiest man that I’ve ever seen. Keep on being you!

  29. ???? This site has a different birthday for christian slater than wiki???? Wiki says aug 18 1969. Crazy huh

    • Dan, if you look at when this thread started, it was indeed back on August 18.

      The recent posts have presumably just been belated wishes :-)

  30. Cruz Sullivan says:

    To a Mr. Slater! Hope you had a great evening on your birthday!

  31. I’m all the way in India ,and we have just started getting your series of ‘Breaking in’. Thank you for gettin into the small screen it was a great relief seeing you work after a long time we dont get many of your movies here.I am A fan since you made ‘untamed heart’ an unbelievable fairy tale.