Another Video of Christian’s Late Night Appearance

Here’s another video of Christian Slater on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (3/23/12).


  1. Never seen this movie whatever its called, yet I defenetly dont want to se him in pain or hurt hes to handsome.I prefer him in the movie Interview with the vampire ,so sexy!I wish i was in the movie an I wish in real life id get everlasting life! Id love to be a vampire an my youth.

  2. A sexy actor in interview with vampire……..But i dont want to se ehim hurt so I will not be watching this new film, He can turn me into a vamp anyday…..yum!! Id love spend some time with him he can suck my kneck an id suck his umn, im sure his chest an butt look as good as his face an his intel;legence is a magor turn on watching him on tv …..SEXY!

  3. Christian, I first saw you in “Heathers” and have been a dedicated fan ever since. Besides being a gifted film, theater and television actor, you have evolved over the years into one of the sweetest and most grounded entertainers around. You create such iconic characters, yet give such amazingly down-to-earth interviews. Your laugh is infectious and your perspectives come across as increasingly thoughtful, hard-won, and heartfelt. Thank you for continuing to share your formidable talents — but most of all, thank you for being so human and real in the process. Looking forward to your many upcoming projects! Live long, and prosper. :)

  4. Hege Gunstead says:

    I was just sitting at home and your name came into my thoughts and that its been a long time since i saw you in a movie. Im excited to see bullet to the head and i hope its gonna be in the cinemas here in norway. You are a fantastic actor. Sorry for my poor english ;) Escimokiss from the north ;)

  5. Hiya!
    I hope you’re well and things are looking good with the screenplays, films, stage plays or whatever you intend to do. We’d love to see some more of your skills as in ‘True Romance’ or ‘Pump up the Volume’ and I keep my fingers crossed that we will do before long. Be well..