New Bullet to the Head Stills

Bullet to the Head will be in theaters next Friday. Below are two new stills.



  1. 1977FireSnake says:

    HOT HOT HOT! Ooooh.. Christian tied and pleading for mercy… I like that I am able to see these full size…can’t wait to see the movie! Also, The website is AWESOME! Thanks…I will try to make the black and white pic. of Christian with his sunglasses my screensaver. (Shhh..shhhh…..I went to Miami/Monty’s and I walked where Christian is pictured walking his dog–300 Alton Rd. ( pic. on the internet) I was thinking if I ran into him walking his dog, .. I may get too excited! Wait…could I get arrested? geez….but I am only 125 pounds naked and soaking wet!

  2. I love the new look! This theme is gorgeous =)