TV Series

Mind Games (2014)
Role: Ross Edwards
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Breaking In (2011–2012)
Role: Oz
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The Forgotten (2009)
Role: Alex Donovan

My Own Worst Enemy (2008)
Role: Henry/Edward


Special Appearances

Out There
Role: Johnny Slade (Voice)
Springoween (2013)

Robot Chicken
Role: Voices
“Saving Private Gigli” (2011)
“In a DVD Factory” (2008)
“Easter Basket” (2006)
“Suck It” (2006)
“Robot Chicken Christmas Special” (2005)
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The Office
Role: Himself
“Sabre” (2010)
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Curb Your Enthusiasm
Role: Himself
“The Hot Towel” (2009)
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My Name Is Earl
Role: Woody
“Robbed a Stoner Blind” (2006)
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Odd Job Jack
Role: Agent Brody (voice)
“29.5” (2005)
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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron
Role: Jet Fusion (voice)
“My Big Fat Spy Wedding” (2005)
“Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion” (2003)
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Role: Neil Caplan
“Endgame” (2003)
“A Free Agent” (2003)

The West Wing
Role: Lt. Cmdr. Jack Reese
“Arctic Radar” (2002)
“Process Stories” (2002)
“Election Night” (2002)
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Prehistoric Planet (2002)
Role: Narrator

Saturday Night Live
Role: Host
“Christian Slater/Smashing Pumpkins” (1993)
“Christian Slater/Bonnie Raitt” (1991)
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Shelley Duvall’s Bedtime Stories
Role: Narrator
“There’s an Alligator Under My Bed” (1992)

L.A. Law
Role: Andy Prescott
“Fetus Completus” (1998)

The Equalizer
Role: Michael Winslow
“Joyride” (1986)

Crime Story
Role: Teen Boy
“Old Friends, Dead Ends” (1986)

All My Children (1986)
Role: Caleb Thompson

Ryan’s Hope (1985)
Role: D. J. Las

Tales From The Darkside
Role: Jody Toliver
“A Case of the Stubborns” (1984)

ABC Weekend Specials
Role: Billy
“The Haunted Mansion Mystery” (1983)

CBS Library
Role: Charlie
“Robbers, Rooftops and Witches” (1982)

Pardon Me for Living (1982)
Role: Virgil


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